Artistic Strategies: On making exhibitions

Bouchra Khalili
Arts and Society, Artistic Strategies
2022W, artistic Seminar (SEK), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04362


On Making Exhibition is a course conceived as two workshops spanning during Winter Semester and the Summer Semester.

Collective production within the group is encouraged.

Issues of self-representation, agency, community engagement, collaborative practices, will allow students to engage with one of the major challenges of our time: how art can help us to envision new forms of civic imagination?

As a part studio/part theory-based course, teaching includes reading assignments, presentations by students, screenings, and excursions. Conversations with guest artists will support students with shaping specific artistic strategies and to invite them to critically reflect on their own projects.

List of guests will be communicated at the beginning of the semester.

Course Goals:

  • to support students with the production of artistic strategies
  • to develop knowledge on artistic practices at the intersection with social dynamics
  • to foster critical thinking and communication skills

  • to develop collective practices

Examination Modalities

30% Attendance

40% Engagement in discussion & collaboration

30% Presentations and fulfilment over the semester


The number of students is limited to 15


17 October 2022, 11:00–15:00 Seminar Room 32
14 November 2022, 11:00–14:00 Seminar Room 32
28 November 2022, 11:00–14:00 Seminar Room 32
12 December 2022, 11:00–15:00 Seminar Room 32
09 January 2023, 11:00–15:00 Seminar Room 32

Course Enrolment

From 01 September 2022, 10:32 to 31 October 2022, 23:55
Via online registration

Global Challenges and Sustainable Developments (Master): Applying Artistic Strategies / Radical Interventions: Artistic & Design Strategies I-II 565/002.01

Co-registration: not possible

Attending individual courses: not possible