Pristina, Skopje

Hans Schabus
Fine Arts and Media Art, Sculpture and Space
2022W, Exkursionen (EX), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04344


Six-day trip by bus From Vienna via Zagreb, Sarajevo to Pristina and from there back via Skopje and Belgrade. The actual goal is to visit Manifesta 14 with the title "it matters what worlds. how to tell stories otherwise". Along the way, various museums and sights will be visited. The social, political and societal conditions and circumstances of the Balkans will be explored.

Examination Modalities

Active participation and per student one lecture on a specific topic during the trip.


Exclusively for students of the Department of Sculpture and Space

Course Enrolment

From 01 August 2022, 08:53 to 04 October 2022, 08:53
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