Technologien/Praxen | Intervention / Partizipation (Workshop)

Barbara Holub
Art Sciences and Art Education, Art and Communication Practices
2022W, artistic Seminar (SEK), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S03635


Praxen - Intervention / Participation II (Excursion/ Workshop)
1.0 SemStd. [GO]

Der Workshop ist eine gekoppelte Lehrveranstaltung mit:
Praxen / Grundlagen - Intervention/ Partizipation (Einführung)

2.0 SemStd. [GO]

Workshop: two weekends in Vienna, 14th district
1) Fri, Oct. 21- Sun, Oct. 23
2) Fri, Nov.4- Sun, Nov.6


As important preparation for the workshop I would like to invite you to events of urbanize!:

4.10.-9.10.:  urbanize: Program here

Tue, Oct.4, 19 Uhr, Sargfabrik:
Opening of the festival with a talk and discussion: Polyzentrale Stadt und ökosoziale Transformation“

I have compiled a program of selected urbanize events in the 14th district, which are an important basis for our workshop (uploaded on the cloud).
special guest: Kathrin Wildner (urban ethnologist, metrozones, Berlin) will accompany us on some dates.


Participants: max. 15

We practice discovering surprising moments in the seemingly everyday that escapes our attention - in the 14th district in Vienna, which is now receiving public attention through urbanize! and a focus program of KÖR Wien/ Public Art Vienna. We will visit urbanize! and then, over two weekends, develop small performative artistic-urban interventions as interventions in everyday life to highlight hidden qualities, and ask questions related to the future of the district. What does the 14th district need? How and where can artistic strategies intervene? We will try out different artistic methods - and explore and experience the 14th district as if we were visitors from a distant planet.

The detailed program of the workshop will follow; no previous knowledge required - we will practice discovering places, formulating artistic topics and testing our skills and interests.



Examination Modalities

Active participation in the course as well as in the workshop:
_Developing a concept and realizing a small urban intervention.
_drawings, sketches for the artistic-urban intervention, psychogeographic maps
_documentation of the project
The skills will be taught during the workshop.

_final discussion

Anrechenbar für Lehramt: Studienfach KKP
(Bachelor), 2 ECTS; Workshop, 1 ECTS

Key Words

community, political enagement, public art, artistic intervention, partizipation, art and society, gesellschaftlich engagierte Kunst, critical spatial practice, interventionist art, art in public space, performance

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