Künstlerische Praxis: digitale Formate 2

Flora Watzal
Fine Arts and Media Art, Site Specific Art
2022W, Vorlesung und Übungen (VU), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03436


The focus of this course is on the realization of an individual or collaborative artistic project in the field of digital art. Accompanying the projects, media-specific basics are taught, as well as handling the institute's equipment. There will be a small camera workshop and, if required, introductions to audio, video and image editing. We will look at and discuss reference projects, this time with a focus on video as a means of documentation (of performances, exhibitions, interventions...).

Due to my own practice, the focus is on audiovisual media, but the individual projects can be freely selected in terms of form and content. The input should lead to artistic projects and give the opportunity to try out digital formats for yourself. Which tools, formats and methods do I choose and how do they affect the work?

The courses “Artistic Practice: Digital Formats 1 and 2” are held together. In the introductory part we develop the basics, in the second part the projects shall be realized. Please register for both!

Examination Modalities

Active participation, experimental exercises, discussions in the group and one-on-one, realization of an artistic project

Key Words

video, photo, digital, documentation


07 October 2022, 11:30–13:00
14 October 2022, 11:30–13:00
21 October 2022, 11:30–13:00
04 November 2022, 11:30–13:00
11 November 2022, 11:30–13:00
18 November 2022, 11:30–13:00
25 November 2022, 11:30–13:00
02 December 2022, 11:30–13:00
09 December 2022, 11:30–13:00
16 December 2022, 11:30–13:00
13 January 2023, 11:30–13:00
20 January 2023, 11:30–13:00
27 January 2023, 11:30–13:00
03 February 2023, 11:30–13:00

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Fine Arts (2. Section): Artistic Practice in Technical Context: Free Electives out of Artistic Practice in Technical Context

Design: Specialisation in Applied Photography and Time-based Media (2. Section): Artistic Basics: Contemporary Artistic Methods

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