Special Topics in Architecture

Anton Falkeis
Architecture, Special Topics in Architecture
2022W, scientific seminar (SEW), 4.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S01889


Urban Morphology and Energy

The course focuses on the interdependency of morphology and energy, analyzing and predicting evolutions of urban form. Students will learn to simulate and compute issues of environmental concerns and will develop entirely new urban formations.

A collection of analyses and predictions of evolutions of urban forms in various climate regions will be published in a book, following the 2022 publication “Nonlinear Urbanism”.

Examination Modalities

_Research Presentation

_Abstract Presentation


_Midterm Presentation

_Final Presentation



13.10.2022 | Kick off | introduction | organization

20.10.2022 | individual work on proposal and abstract


10.11.2022 | online workshop_1

17.11,2022 | online workshop_2

24.11.2022 | presentation workshop | team-building

03_Project Development

01.12.2022 | Team Meeting

15.12.2022 | MIDTERMS

12.01.2023 | Team Meeting

04_Project Presentation

19.01.2023 | Team Meeting

26.01.2023 | FINALS

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