Biomolecular Awareness 2

Marco Roberto Sealey Cardona
Arts and Society, Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
2022S, Lecture and Discussion (VD), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S04118


Tanja Gesell and Marco Sealey teach molecular biology based on the introduction lecture Biomolecular Awareness 1 from the winter semester. The course has three cornerstones: lectures, exercises, and a symposium.

Lectures: The students will develop their knowledge on molecular structure, genes, and genomes. This semester, we will discuss visualizations both from an artistic point of view and an engineering viewpoint concerning current and fascinating challenges in molecular biology. We will also discuss terms such as Bioart or Artistic Research. From the cell biology point of view, the students will use their previous knowledge regarding cell structure, function, and architecture.

Exercises: On the one hand, students will be introduced to experimental design, and on the other hand, students will have computational practices in aspects such as alignments or folding RNAs in silico, and learning the basics of statistics and bioinformatics. Besides, they can develop their own artistic or experimental presentations of biomolecular concepts. 

Student Symposium: A student symposium aims to discuss current molecular biology challenges based on different papers presented by the students. Each student will present a paper. 

Examination Modalities

Grades will depend on contributions to discussions, assignments, and the quality of the presentations made during the semester. Attendance at lectures is not mandatory but recommended.


 Students from other study programs or other universities are welcome, provided room capacity permits.


09 March 2022, 09:15–13:30 Seminar Room 30b
23 March 2022, 09:15–13:30 Seminar Room 30b
27 April 2022, 09:15–11:45 KUG Lecture Room PSK 147
04 May 2022, 09:15–11:45 KUG Lecture Room PSK 147
18 May 2022, 09:15–11:45 KUG Lecture Room PSK 147
01 June 2022, 09:15–11:45 KUG Lecture Room PSK 147
22 June 2022, 09:15–12:30
29 June 2022, 09:15–12:30

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Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Bachelor): Science and Technology: Foundation

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