A View from the Edge of a Pasture - Symposium on (Urban) Pastoralism

Edith Jeřábková
Institute of Fine Arts and Media Art, Site Specific Art
2022S, Vorlesung und Übungen (VU), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03446


A View from the Edge of a Pasture - Symposium on (Urban) Pastoralism

How do we view the city from the pasture and the pasture from the city? What will happen if we blur the borders between them as shepherds do between the states? Where can we find shepherds these days? Do they have answers to our climate troubles? This three-day symposium of shared knowledge, cinema, poetry and music will prepare us for collective imagination about our pastoralist future on the grazelands around the city Bratislava, Slovakia.

Dates: May 12–15, 2022, Bratislava, Slovakia

Examination Modalities

active participation in discussions

sharing knowledge

active participation in common pastoral performance/workshop


The symposium is a three-day event (May 12 till 15) organized by WOODS - Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art & Institute of Anxiety, transit.sk and Kunsthalle Bratislava within the project Plants in the city. The program will include sharing of the knowledge of participants, introductory lecture from Edith Jeřábková and Denisa Langrová, interviews and lectures on pastoralism, common performance, and lecture by the artist Fernando Garcia Dory, pastoral cinema, concert, poetry etc.

Participants: Students from University of Applied Arts Vienna; Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague; Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Faculty of Fine Arts Brno

The course will be presented at the kick-off of the Department of Site-Specific Art on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 at 10 a.m. at Paulusplatz 5 in 1030 Vienna. All questions regarding the course can be discussed there.

Key Words

pastoralism, resistance, animals, interspecies, borders, climate change, resilience, commons, migration, rewilding, breeding back, queer, multispecies diversity, transhumance trails, nomadism

Course Enrolment

From 04 March 2022, 13:00 to 18 March 2022, 13:00
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Fine Arts (2. Section): Artistic and Research Practice: Free Electives out of Artistic and Research Practice 605/201.80

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