Design Entwurf 1.1

Stefan Diez
Design, Industrial Design 1
2021W, K√ľnstl. Einzelunterricht (KE), 18.0 ECTS, 4.0 semester hours, course number S20501


3rd DIPLOM / VORDIPLOM (Design Draft 1.1)


Diploma theses and pre-diplomas are prepared independently by the students. This also applies to the choice of topics. Finding a good topic requires energy and time. I therefore strongly recommend that you decide on your topic in good time before the semester break and coordinate it with us. This is the only way to use the time during the semester break for research and preliminary work, or to contact companies and institutions. 


Example: "I would like to take my diploma in June 2022. I agree on the topic in January 2022 so that I can do the preparations from February to March and work on the diploma itself from April."


In the future, I see the possibility of you choosing your own second supervisor from the ID team or university environment. We will clarify what is possible. The first diploma meeting in the coming semester will be on October 12th.

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