Introduction to Human Rights and Global Challenges

Manfred Nowak
Arts and Society, Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
2021W, Lecture and Discussion (VD), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S04010


This course will introduce students to the field of human rights from a multidisciplinary perspective.

First, students will learn about the philosophy and history of human rights both at the national and international level. More concretely, the main mechanisms of protecting human rights in international organisations will be discussed, including the United Nations, the Council of Europe and other regional organisations.

Further, students will analyze the main problems and challenges to human rights in the 21st century: pandemics, economic and financial crisis, food and water crisis, armed conflicts, failed states, poverty, climate change, organized crime, terrorism, economic inequalities, new authoritarianism, new technologies, etc.

Finally, the class will address the relationship between the arts and human rights.

Examination Modalities

Written exam.

Permitted material to be used during the exam: Blackstone's International Human Rights Documents, 12th Edition, Alison Bisset (ed.)


1) All Human Rights for All – Vienna Manual on Human Rights:

2) Blackstone's International Human Rights Documents, 12th Edition, Alison Bisset (ed.):


04 November 2021, 14:00–18:15 Seminar Room 34
15 November 2021, 09:15–18:00 FLUX 2
19 November 2021, 13:45–18:00 FLUX 2
06 December 2021, 09:15–18:00 Seminar Room 34

Course Enrolment

From 22 September 2021, 10:33 to 31 October 2021, 23:55
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co-registration: possible

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Master): Study Areas: Study Area 3: Economics and Politics

Cross-Disciplinary Strategies (Bachelor): Global Challenges and Cross-Disciplinary Capabilities: Foundation: Global Challenges

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