Experimentierlabor: WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER - Performances for the Mind

Jasmin Schaitl
Art Sciences and Art Education, Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education
2021W, Vorlesung und Übungen (VU), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S03784


This experimental lab focuses on a fusion of performative practice with contemplative neuroscience, which in turn will be explored through mindfulness practices. Students will learn methods and techniques that they can apply in their wider artistic practice, in the school environment, and in other educational settings.

The lab explores how mindfulness-practices in the performative realm can support one's own pedagogical and didactic practice. The process of experiencing and living through performative practice is an essential component of the course.

"Experimentierlabor: WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER - Performances for the Mind" is offered jointly with "Experimentierlabor: WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER - Choreographic Clues" by Charlotta Ruth. Students may, but are not required to, attend both courses. Both courses will be implemented collaboratively by the directors. The experimental lab will take place in blocks in the form of workshops. Based on the leaders' research in the INTRA project WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER (2021-2022), students will have the opportunity to experience and extend/create performances with a participatory character.


In the past two semesters it has become apparent that, if necessary for corona reasons, a meaningful and fruitful engagement with presence is also possible online. The respective form of delivery depends on the current operating scenario of the Angewandte. Please note current information from the rectorate via uni-ak.ac.at - email address.


In the lab, the students deal with performative structures that build on the smallest details of an elaborated action and increase the concentration on its action. To what extent does increased concentration within a performative practice influence the outcome of one's action? Can this be perceived and focused on, and if so, how? In the lab, students have the opportunity to experience potentials of participation within performative practices. Performative scenarios based on participation are initiated by the leaders and can be experienced and reflected upon by the students in the form of interactive experiments. Students receive a theoretical as well as a very well-founded, practical insight into performative practices. The workshops will be extended and deepened by the neuroscientific consideration and analysis of performative, participatory practices, by the invited neuroscientist and performer Imani Rameses (US/AT).


Literature Suggestions

Reductionism in Art and Brain Science. Bridging the Two Cultures.
Kandel, Eric R.. Columbia University Press, 2016.
Abstract online: https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.7312/kand17962

Richard Davidson, The Four Constituents of Well Being.
recorded in jan, 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeBpsiFQiTI

Examination Modalities

- Active participation and participation in the performative exercises

- Continuous presence

- Handing in a written, short reflection on the participatory character of the lab, as well as filling in a questionnaire about the questionnaire about experiences



This course is associated with the APL

Limited number of participants (max. 9) - early registration is recommended. The course will be held together with Charlotta Ruth and supported by Imani Rameses. The course will be held jointly by Charlotta Ruth and Jasmin Schaitl as part of the funded INTRA project WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER.

Key Words

Angewandte Performance Laboratory, partcipation, Partizipation, Collaboration, Wissensvermittlung, Experiment, performance


22 November 2021, 15:00–18:30 Distance Learning (details as described)
06 December 2021, 15:00–18:30 Expositur Postsparkasse = PSK, Hochparterre Georg‐Coch‐Platz 2 od. Rosenbursenstraße 3 A-1010 Wien
10 January 2022, 15:00–19:15 Expositur Postsparkasse = PSK Hochparterre Georg‐Coch‐Platz 2 od. Rosenbursenstraße 3 A-1010 Wien

Course Enrolment

From 10 August 2021, 08:00 to 03 November 2021, 13:10
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Art Education: subject dex (Bachelor): Fachdidaktische Theorie und Praxis (dex): FOR: Experimentierlabor (dex) 074/002.20

Art Education: subject dex (Bachelor): Weitere Schwerpunkte: Fachdidaktik 074/030.02

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