Technologien/Praxen | Intervention / Partizipation (Einführung)

Barbara Holub
Art Sciences and Art Education, Art and Communication Practices
2021W, artistic Seminar (SEK), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03636


Blocked seminar + workshop / excursion to Trieste (I) (dates see below)

Praxen / Grundlagen - Intervention/ Partizipation (introduction)
2.0 SemStd. [GO]

+ Praxen - Intervention / Partizipation II (excursion/workshop in Trieste)
1.0 SemStd. [GO]

Signing up:
Participants: max. 10

Costs for the exkursion (travel + accommodation): 150.-€
(additional costs will be covered by KKP)


What is an artistic intervention? What does "participation" mean? What does context mean? How do artistic practices that critically engage in social issues relate to "artistic autonomy"? What frameworks determine these projects and how can they intervene in societal processes? This seminar will present relevant examples of art projects and artistic practices since the 1970s and link them to selected texts of the art discourse. Interventionist and participatory practices are becoming increasingly important. It is therefore all the more important to acquire the same differentiated knowledge in this field as in traditional areas of art (painting, sculpture).


Workshop in Trieste

The workshop will take place in Trieste: Starting with walking tours of the city and Porto Vecchio (Old Port, which is the major current urban development area in Trieste), we will focus in particular on the Rozzol Melara social housing estate and develop artistic-urban interventions/performances for this specific context. Rozzol Melara is a brutalist housing estate, pejoratively called "Alcatraz" in Trieste, but characterized by social utopias - a place beyond the romanticism of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. In the workshop we will explore certain contents of the seminar directly on site (e.g. dérives > situationists) and develop and perform small artistic interventions.

Program of the Workshop

I will present the exact program for the workshop in the introduction on 13.10..
With guided tours by:
_Laura Carlini Fanfogna (director of Museums and Libraries of Trieste) of the Museo Revoltella
_Giuliana Carbi (director of the gallery trieste contemporanea)
_Sig.Tassi (who was there at the time of the construction) through Rozzol Melara (organized by Sophie Karner)
_Paul Rajakovics (transparadiso) through the historic city center.

On our travel back we will stop in Ljubljana to visit an exhibition.


1) Introduction seminar: Wed, 13.10., 10:00-12:30
2) Excursion/ workshop in Trieste (incl. travel): Fri, 22.10.-Tue, 26.10.2021
3) Seminar: Wed, 03.11., 10:00-12:30
4) Seminar: Fri, 19.11., 10:00-12:30, 13:00-15:30

Location of the seminar: Mix Media 2/ Raum 306; VZA7


Examination Modalities

Active participation in the seminar as well as in the workshop (with realizing  a small artistic intervention) is a prerequisite for the final discussion, in which a self-researched project should also be presented.

Anrechenbar für Lehramt: Studienfach KKP (Bachelor), 2 ECTS; Workshop, 1 ECTS



As the workshop/ excursion to Trieste will already take place from Fri, Oct 22-Thu, Oct 26, 2021, please register as soon as possible so that I can book the train tickets and accommodation.

IMPORTANT: Students are responsible for following the COVID rules for the trip to Italy: Who is not yet vaccinated, please take advantage of the vaccination offers.

Key Words

Partizipation, Workshop, Exkursion, Triest, urbane Intervention, context art, interventionist art, art in public space

Course Enrolment

From 17 September 2021, 20:01 to 08 October 2021, 00:00
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Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): Künstlerische Praxis (kkp): GO: Grundlegende Technologien / Praxen (kkp)

Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): Künstlerische Praxis (kkp): FOR: Technologien / Praxen (kkp)

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