Circular Strategies

Lukas Allner
Architecture, Building Construction
2021W, scientific seminar (SEW), 3.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03525


This Seminar addresses issues of sustainable building with a focus on concepts of circular economy / circular design.
The demand for reuse, and adaptability is not only an obligation for a resilient architecture but this challenge can also be understood as an advantage and potential for design experimentation.
This term we will focus on building systems that are designed for change. We will develop versatile building components that can be configured into architectural schemes in multiple ways.

This semester will conclude with conceptual designs for such building systems.
In the following summer term, the Circular Strategies Seminar will again be organized as a joint course together with Digital Making Exploring. In that subsequent course, we will continue with the same topic, working on physical samples and mockups to develop concepts for possible realizations. Students participating in Circular Strategies this semester are invited to continue with their projects next term.

Examination Modalities

Participants are asked to work on individual studies independently.

Weekly meetings for feedback, input lectures, and tutorials.


On October, 8th the Building Construction department organizes another edition of the Circular Strategies Symposium at the main atrium in the building at VZA7. It is recommended for participants of this course to attend the event since many aspects and ideas relevant to the broader topic will be discussed. Find out more at

The video documentation of the CS Symposium from last year is a useful additional reference, it is available at the Youtube channel of IOA.

Profound knowledge in Rhinoceros3D is required.
Knowledge in Grasshopper3D is recommended.
Participants are kindly asked to use their own computers and software.

Max. 15 participants (team work is encouraged, but individual work is possible if preferred. Priority is given to students of architecture, who did not yet participate in the course. )


19 October 2021, 10:45–12:15 Seminar Room 10
26 October 2021, 10:45–12:15 Seminar Room 10
02 November 2021, 10:45–12:15 Seminar Room 10
09 November 2021, 10:45–12:15 Seminar Room 10
16 November 2021, 10:45–12:15 Seminar Room 10
23 November 2021, 10:45–12:15 online
30 November 2021, 10:45–12:15 online
07 December 2021, 10:45–12:15 online
14 December 2021, 10:45–12:15 online
11 January 2022, 10:45–12:15 Seminar Room 10 , "optional feedback according to individual appointment"
18 January 2022, 10:45–12:15 Seminar Room 10 , "optional feedback according to individual appointment"

Course Enrolment

From 21 September 2021, 00:00 to 08 October 2021, 23:55
Via online registration

Architecture (Master): Expertise: Architectural Science: Building Construction 443/002.01

Co-registration: possible

Attending individual courses: possible