Typografie 3

Verena Panholzer
Design, Graphic Design
2021W, Vorlesung und √úbungen (VU), 3.0 ECTS, 3.0 semester hours, course number S03397


User Experience Design in the post-digital era

Rethink, Refer, Redefine, Redirect, Rebuild, React

Postdigitality means: an active role of the human in the technological development process. This includes a new concept of "smart" that consistently integrates the human dimension into the design process and algorithms.

Connecting the systemic with the sensual. Yuval Noah Harari suggests: The best protection against our incapacitation by algorithms (which know us better than we know ourselves) is to understand ourselves better than any algorithm.

Can we still balance the physical and digital? After a research period every student chooses a medium (magazine, book) and is able to bring this source into a new digital experience.

Students can work with a prototyping tool of choice they are familiar with, coding knowledge is beneficial. Typography 3 will be project-driven and closely connected with HCI 3 (Jörg Hofstaetter).



– Primary Sources
– User experience design
– Typography


08.10. 13h00–15h00 Introduction
15.10. Hiking Day
22.10. 13h00–17h00 Concept, Topic
29.10. 13h00–14h00 
05.11. 13h00–15h00–17h00 
12.11. 13h00–15h00–17h00 
19.11. 13h00–15h00–17h00 
26.11. 13h00–15h00–17h00 
03.12. 13h00–15h00–17h00 
10.12. 13h00–15h00–17h00 
17.12. 13h00–15h00–17h00   
14.01. 13h00–15h00–17h00 
21.01. 13h00–15h00–17h00  (examination)
28.01. 13h00–15h00


Typografie 3 muss in Zusammenarbeit und in Kombination mit HCI 3 belegt werden,  es ist obligatorisch, beide Kurse zu buchen.






Course Enrolment

From 26 August 2021, 14:03 to 07 October 2021, 14:10
Via online registration
via email: vp@studio-es.at

co-registration: possible

Design: Specialisation in Graphic Design (2. Section): Artistic Basics: Typography

Design: Specialisation in Graphics and Advertising (2. Section): Artistic Basics: Layout and Typography

Individual courses: possible