Foreign Affairs II

Baerbel Mueller
Architecture, [applied] Foreign Affairs
2021W, Seminar (SE), 4.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S02404


Damascus Dialogues / Lagos Legacy / 10 years [applied] Foreign Affairs

This term [applied] Foreign Affairs II will reflect on, deepen and translate the collaborations and findings of selected lab projects of the previous years into tangible material.

Teaching and student team members and collaborators will go through this process jointly.


[a]FA Baerbel Mueller, Gregorio M. Lubroth, Frida Robles 

the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Damascus and Reparametrize Foundation 

Play>Urban, Scenography, Haute école des arts du Rhin, Strasbourg; Jean Christophe Lanquetin and François Duconseille






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From 04 October 2021, 11:00 to 24 October 2021, 11:00
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Architecture (Master): Expertise: Instrumentarium: Experimental Strategies: Special Topics

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