Special Topics in Architecture

Anton Falkeis
Architecture, Special Topics in Architecture
2021W, Seminar (SE), 4.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S01889



Urban Change_Next City discussing multiple urban futures 

The course will focus on urban change and the role of architecture within this process of transformation. Since Cities in general are condensed descriptions of urban life – consequently they are focal points of global challenges too. They are complex systems that can no longer be understood as spatial entities. Today´s cities grow and shrink under the conditions of continuous change, where the rigidity of form and program has been replaced by an open system in which growth provokes conflict, disorder and ultimately change. Discussing multiple urban futures, we will speculate about the Next City.

Research by Design: Special Topics in Architecture focuses on the theoretical and practical implementation of interdisciplinary research strategies into the design process.

Examination Modalities

_Research Presentation

_Abstract Presentation

_Midterm Presentation

_Final Presentation



present and hand in a short abstract about the main focus of the project according to our main topic "Urban Change_Next City" discussing multiple urban futures. The abstract should provide an overview of the main problems you are dealing with in terms of speculating about their future impact on urban space. We will build on this document and continuously add our findings and speculations to this paper throughout the course.

Abstract: max. 100 words

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Until 30 September 2021, 09:17
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Architecture (Master): Expertise: Instrumentarium: Experimental Strategies: Special Topics

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