Design Entwurf 2.0

Anab Jain
Design, Industrial Design 2
2021S, Künstl. Einzelunterricht (KE), 20.0 ECTS, 6.0 semester hours, course number S20491



The Design Investigations (ID2) Department is a five year diploma course in design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Although rooted in a long history of product and industrial design, our department is committed to making the role of the designer relevant to the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. Design is no longer just about nice products. From artificial intelligence to climate change and political unrest, our department educates young people to directly engage with these changes. And therefore, in extension to current industrial design skills, we train our students in advanced digital technologies, various communication and story-telling skills, academic research methodology and, most importantly, deep and critical thinking. 

For the Sumer Semester 2021 in the Design Investigations Department, I will be leading the Building Worlds studio brief.  Through design - we invite students to imagine, experiment, and present a series of world building projects that explore different mediums to tell imaginative stories. 

Our summer semester starts in March 2021 with a workshop in collaborative worldbuilding with artificial intelligence, following a grant award from Google Artists and Machine Intelligence Program. In this workshop, students will collaborate with artists and science fiction writers to explore what emerges when designers and (existing) AI agents collaboratively and speculatively build out future relationships of humans and machines.

Building on this workshop, the students will different modes of worldbuilding such as speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, speculative ethnography and more. They will then  imagine, craft, visualize, and produce stories about alternative worlds. The resulting outcomes of the student projects will showcase knowledge of plot, narrative, aesthetics and plural storytelling. The final forms of their works could be films, video games, VR stories, audio journeys and other creative outputs.


Examination Modalities

 The final exam will be in the form of a presentation of the project work done by the students. The students will be graded based on their entire semester's performance including attendance, enthusiasm in learning, pushing themselves to explore and experiment, as well as the final presentation.  

Course Enrolment

From 24 February 2021, 09:00 to 12 March 2021, 10:00
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