Climate Change and Cultural Heritage

Marija Milchin
Conservation and Restoration, Conservation and Restoration
2021S, Vorlesungen (VO), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S03396


Climate Change does not only affect the economy, society and environment, but also the preservation of mankind’s cultural heritage. Changing climatic conditions influence the deterioration mechanisms of various materials like stone, metal, timber and other organic materials.

Depending on the latitude, some mechanisms will intensify resulting in an abundance of certain decay patterns in the near and far future; others will only play a secondary role in deterioration. In addition, extreme weather events are assumed to increase in frequency and intensity; they can cause considerable damage and loss of monuments and collections.

Climate change will not only have an impact on cultural heritage outdoors, which is directly exposed to weather and climate, but it will also affect collections indoors, and even artefacts still covered by  layers of earth and ice.

The lecture examines and discusses facts and effects of climate change with a particular focus on its impact on cultural heritage preservation.

Beside conceptual fundamentals related to the topic, slow and fast events as well as climate change risks are addressed, possible mitigation strategies and further research needs revealed.

Examination Modalities

Written exam


The lecture will be held in cooperation with Martina Haselberger. Out of technical reasons it is unfortunately not possible to mention two lecturers.

The lecture is held via ZOOM.


19 March 2021, 09:30–11:00
16 April 2021, 09:30–11:00
30 April 2021, 09:30–11:00
14 May 2021, 09:30–11:00
28 May 2021, 09:30–11:00
11 June 2021, 09:30–11:00
25 June 2021, 09:30–11:00

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