Digital Sound & Voice IV

Thomas Felder
Fine Arts and Media Art, Digital Arts
2021S, artistic Seminar (SEK), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S02716


Project-related lecture regarding the issues music production, sound design and development of installion settings.

For this purpose we deal with the grammar and the dramaturgy of sonic events and the historical context of various soundart categories.

for students in the 2nd study section.


Examination Modalities

Presentation of the Projects


for organizational reasons, this lecture is exclusively for students of the department of the Digitale Kunst available


03 March 2021, 11:00–12:30, "Zoom-Meeting "
12 March 2021, 10:00–14:30, "Zoom-Meeting"

Course Enrolment

Via online registration

co-registration: possible

TransArts - Transdisciplinary Arts (Bachelor): Artistic and art technology foundations: Artistic and art technology foundations

Media Arts: Specialisation in Digital Arts (2. Section): Künstlerische Methodik und Technologie digitaler Kunst: Digital Sound & Voice I - V

Individual courses: possible