Einführung in die Werkstoffkunde für RestauratorInnen - organische Materialien

Peter Sziemer
Conservation and Restoration, Conservation and Restoration
2020W, Vorlesungen (VO), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S03405


Dear students,

This lecture deals with the most important materials of animal and fossil origin, which are used in art objects and may be of importance to restorers. These are: bone (including deer antlers), horn (including tortoiseshell and spines), feathers, leather/animal skins/fur, teeth, ivory, mollusc shells (including mother of pearl and pearls), corals, insects, fossil materials (amber, ammolite, gagates, fossils in general), additional wood and fruits. We will discuss their structure, function in the living organism, identification, use as art objects and relevance in conservation of nature.

There will be ample samples of these materials and an excursion to the Natural History Museum Vienn is part of the lecture, too.

The lecture is scheduled with one hour per week. I think it's more practical to combine two hours (unite) each to mini-blocks. I would like to discuss this with you personally during a preliminary talk. Concerning the time schedule I am awaiting instruction from the Angewandte in due course of Septemer. As soon as I will know more, I'll inform you.

Best wishes

Peter Sziemer



The lecture will take place in the lecture hall on the 3rd floor. We are going to start at 3.30 p.m. punctually.



Now I can tell you the schedule of my lecture. I will hold the lecture in form of "mini-blocks" of 1,5 hs each on the following days:

Monday, 3.30 p.m. - 5.00 p.m., Salzgries 14

Mon, 19.10.

Mon, 9.11.

Mon, 23.11.

Mon, 30.11.

Mon, 11.1.

Mon, 25.1.

I hope, these days and hours will be convenient to you.

Kind regards

Peter Sziemer

Examination Modalities

The exam will be oral. You will get more information during the lecture.

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Conservation and Restoration (1. Section): Naturwissenschaften: Einführung in die Werkstoffkunden

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