Künstlerische Projektarbeit - Performance and Urban Matters

Daniel Aschwanden
Art Sciences and Art Education, Art and Communication Practices
2020W, artistic Seminar (SEK), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03135


this seminar is part of APL Angewandte Performance Lab

NO!where toGO?

 ... therefore I am looking for true stories, equally speculative fabulations and speculative realisms . Donna Haraway

 The impact of the measurements against the spreading of Covid 19 were likely to become reverberated to oneself and to change our perception of time and space.

How did we change in relating to inner and outer spaces? What ongoing changes in public space were triggered by these recent events? Do we have to prepare for further restrictions as Covid 19 infections are on the rise again? Or can our daily life unfold without related limitations? What do these experiences mean in both a personal and the contexts of society? What are the chances for transformation we can find in these situations?

How to think about new urban ecologies under the current conditions?

Who are our known and (maybe still) unknown companions from the animal kingdom

Sharing the neighbourly spaces with us? How to get in touch and what kind of relations can be developed?

Which concepts are offering potentials to articulate ourselves in performative, physical, mediated ways? Which are possible translations between analog approaches and formats and their mutation into digital ones?

We will let ourselves accompany by texts of Donna Haraway and Boyana Kunst

Seminarraum 24 VZA 7 except 28.10.2020 - 17:00 bis 19:30 | Seminarraum 23

21.10.             17.00-19.30h

24.10.             13.30-18.30h

28.10.             17.00-19.30h


11.11.             17.00-19.30h

14.11.             10.30-17.30h

20.11.             ab 17h durchgehend bis 22.11. 20h ( exact performance timing will    evolve during working process)

25.11.             17.00-19.30h final -reflection

Examination Modalities

presence, creation of a performance, written reflection

Key Words

process art, art in public space, performance

Course Enrolment

From 12 August 2020, 20:21
Via online registration

Art Education: subject kkp (Bachelor): FOR: Künstlerische Projektarbeiten (kkp)

subject Fine Arts / Art and Communication Practices (1. Section): Künstlerische Projektarbeit, Kunst und kommunikative Praxis

subject Fine Arts / Art and Communication Practices (2. Section): Künstlerische Projektarbeit, Kunst und kommunikative Praxis (1.5 ECTS)

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