Algorithmisches Entwerfen I

Nicolaj Kirisits
Fine Arts and Media Art, Digital Arts
2020W, artistic Seminar (SEK), 3.0 ECTS, 3.0 semester hours, course number S02756


Based on the analysis of existing soundscapes, a framework for artistic spatial sound production (architecture, installation, VR) will be developed.

Examination Modalities

Participation in the seminar and submission of a concept for an artistic production

Key Words

Soundscape, VR, architecture


10 November 2020, 13:00–17:00 Zoom Meeting -- Bekanntgabe nach Einladung

Course Enrolment

Until 30 October 2020, 23:59
Via online registration

TransArts - Transdisciplinary Arts (Bachelor): Artistic and art technology foundations: Artistic and art technology foundations

Media Arts: Specialisation in Digital Arts (2. Section): Künstlerische Methodik und Technologie digitaler Kunst: Algorithmisches Entwerfen I - II

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Co-registration: not possible