Public Colloquium

Margarete Jahrmann
Center Research Focus, Center Research Focus
2020S, Konversatorium (KO), 4.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S90007



In accordance with the measures taken at our university and the change to alternate.mode, the Public

Colloquium in the summer semester 2020 will also be held online via ZOOM on the basis of individual

preparations (A) and collection of specific feedback (B and C) (D). A digital form (E) will be chosen, which will

allow public streaming of the exchange.


In line with the measures and changes made regarding alternate.mode at our university the seminar will be held by appointment with the supervisor in ZOOM: 

The aim of the Public Colloquium is to provide an opportunity for the PhD candidates to present the progress and current development of their research projects. The presentations serve to illustrate the continuous artistic research practice whereby development is made comprehensible through the consideration of reflexive forms of documentation and the possibility to integrate existing elements of the work. 

The Public Colloquium is part of the Artistic Research PhD Programme at the Angewandte and open to interested audience.


Examination Modalities

The following binding general conditions should ensure a good process:

A) PRESENTATION: Students are asked to record a 15-20 minute presentation on the current

status of their research project on video prior to the online meeting. In order to make it

easier for external reviewers and guests to get started, this time the presentation should

be preceded by a short introduction (max. 5 min.) to the research project and the current

state of research. Finally, preliminary findings should be briefly presented. The digital

material can be uploaded via a link1.

B) INTERNAL FEEDBACK: A link to these videos will be released for viewing by all participants

in advance1. All participants should have seen all presentations by the time of the online

meeting in order to be able to give constructive feedback in a reflective discussion. In order

to intensify the reflective discussion, we ask all students to submit short written comments

and questions on presentations of their choice. Unlike the Internal Colloquium, this

feedback service is optional here. We ask all students to send their comments to zff@uniak. at least one week before the Public Colloquium. The collected contributions will be

made available for all participants to view and should be read in addition to all

presentations until the online meeting. The comments and questions provided are

intended to facilitate the start and flow of discussion.

C) EXTERNAL FEEDBACK: For the function of external reviewers, the Center Research Focus

will invite at least two external guests from the field of artistic research, to the colloquium.

They are also asked to provide brief written feedback or questions in advance. Both will be

shared for review and preparation. Furthermore, all presenters are invited to name up to

three people who could also act as "external reviewers" in the online meeting.

Nominations should be sent in advance1 to These persons will be

requested and invited (after internal consultation of the course lecturers) for the

"extended circle of external reviewers". They will also be asked to provide brief written

feedback or questions in advance - if possible. All their contributions will also be shared for

review and preparation.

D) REFLECTIVE DISCUSSION: During the online meeting there will be room for joint reflective

discussion of the presentation and the progress of the project. First the external reviewers,

then the internal reviewers, and finally the avatar (see point E) are invited to participate. In

this discussion format, the presenters have the opportunity to react to both the written

and oral feedback and to use the discussion space according to their wishes. A maximum

of 35 minutes per candidate is allowed. A precise schedule and procedure for the online

meeting will be developed and communicated in advance1.

E) PUBLIC STREAM: The reflective discussion is streamed. For this stream, after a registration

of guests, links are sent which allow the guests to view the presentations. This will be done

about 5 days before the actual event. At the actual event, the online meeting, these guests

can use the comment function to submit questions, suggestions and comments in

moderated form. These inputs will be made by a "Guest Avatar".

1 The link/this information will be provided in a later version of the LV description.


Presentations that illustrate methods, approaches and/or the continuous artistic research practice and development


03 June 2020, 13:00–05 June 2020, 18:30 online via Zoom

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Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art): Public Colloquia

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