Internal Colloquium

Margarete Jahrmann
Center Research Focus, Center Research Focus
2020S, Konversatorium (KO), 1.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S90006


In line with the measures and changes made regarding alternate.mode at our university, the internal

colloquium in SS2020 will be held online via ZOOM (C) based on individual preparations (A) and the

collection of specific feedback (B). The reason for the detailed three-part structure is to avoid long online

sessions and to maintain the discursive structure of the internal colloquium in the given situation.


The aim of the Internal Colloquium is to secure the option for an exchange in which doctoral students provide information on the current stage of their research work.

In order to gain more in-depth knowledge about the artistic research projects, each PhD candidate is asked to prepare a reseaech UPDATE. The purpose of the presentation is to share the inspiration, selected work material, envisioned strategies and scheduled time frames for the research project. Each presentation will be accompanied by a discussion and time for mutual exchange.



Examination Modalities


following framework conditions have been identified:

A) PRESENTATION: Before the online meeting, the students are asked to record a 10-15

minute presentation of the current status of their research project on video (this

corresponds to the project presentations provided in the colloquium, but will have to be

adapted accordingly for the digital communication format). In addition, research projects

(and research questions) and preliminary findings are to be presented in brief form. This

accompanying explanation can also be added as a video (max. 5 min.). Or in text form (max.

1000 characters). The presentation videos are also to be understood as an invitation and an

opportunity to reflect on the specifics, potentials and problems of contemporary media

formats and to review them for the presentation of artistic processes, works and research.

To create the video, we recommend the open source software OBS

(, which can be used to record sections of your own desktop as

well as material from any company-owned webcams. There are no general format

templates apart from the maximum length for the presentation videos.

The digital material has to be uploaded by April 9 via the following link:


PW: IC alternative

B) FEEDBACK: The link to these videos is released for viewing by all participants on April 16th.

Everyone should have seen all presentations by the time of the online meeting in order to

be able to give constructive feedback in a reflexive discussion. To intensify the reflexive

discussion, we ask all participants for short written comments and questions about the

presentations of two candidates. The allocation of presentation and feedback will be based

on a freely selected and ranked list of suggestions for reviewers submitted by the

presenters; two feedbacks will be secured for each presentation; if necessary, the

allocation can also be made by lot if necessary. We kindly ask you to send the comments to at least one week before the internal colloquium. The collected

contributions are released for viewing by all participants and should be read in addition to

the viewing of all presentations until the online meeting. The comments and questions

provided are intended to facilitate the entry into and flow of discussions.

C) REFLECTIVE DISCUSSION: At the planned video conference meeting (ZOOM), the colleagues

have the opportunity to react to the written feedback and all colleagues have the

opportunity to give further oral feedback on the reflexive discussion. These sessions are

planned to last no longer than 25 minutes per candidate in order to secure attention for

participants online. A precise schedule for the online meeting will be created and

submitted by April 16.

Timeline: Submission presentation April 9, 2020; Submission comment April 16, 2020; Internal colloquium

April 22 - April 24, 2020


Timeline: Submission presentation April 9, 2020; Submission comment April 16, 2020; Internal colloquium

April 22 - April 24, 2020

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Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art): Internal Colloquia

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