Experimental Strategies Integration

Galo Patricio Moncayo Asan
Architecture, Energy Design
2020S, scientific seminar (SEW), 3.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03339


Experimental Strategies Integration   Integrated courses must be completed in connection with Architectural Design (Architectural Design 5). Students are to work on the contents of the various subjects based on their own designs.   In the subject group „Instrumentarium“ students develop methods to manage and communicate their designs set in current economical, ecological, and political contexts. In this way, the students` artistic design potential is honed, the ability for efficient cooperation that is crucial in their subsequent professional practice is trained, and the critical responsibility of architects toward their tasks is taught. Strategic thinking and visual culture enable communication within the discipline as well as engagement with various interests in society. 

Unlike teaching methodologies based on analysis of precedents and study of techniques, this integration course deals with the current post-digital condition to provide support for individual creativity. Being able to pursue an idea from its early unarticulated idea moments and extracted from ones minds eye requires an acceptance of one’s ignorance and temporary suspension of critical judgement. More and more projects are dealing with the post-antrhopocenic ideas, how our interaction with machines will influence the way we react and navigate through the build environment. 

Experimental Strategies Integration will provide support and room for exploratory systems like microcontroler, sensors, natural inputs and a variety of digital and physical outputs. 

Even though we will focus significantly on technology and technical processes, we must not lose sight of these tools in an creative context. We must understand technology as both an amplification of existing practices and as a distinct practice that relies on opportunities and challenges specific to the medium. The purpose of studying these techniques is not to become a “technology designer”, but to become a designer with the greatest possible range of skills, experience, and vision.

Examination Modalities

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