Interface Design II

Daniel Schatzmayr
Fine Arts and Media Art, Digital Arts
2020S, artistic Seminar (SEK), 2.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03193


Introduction to robotics and the interaction of software, electronics and mechanics. In this course, we will learn the basics of measuring with sensors, data communication with microprocessors, control of actuators and their interaction in mechanical constructions.

The course consists mainly of hands-on exercises. We will build and program 1, 2 and 3 Degree-Of-Freedom robots by using arduino, servos and sensors

Examination Modalities

Participation in class and a written concept, based on an individual project.


For the exercises following is required :

 - Laptop with USB Port and an Arduino IDE installed.

 - Arduino StarterKit with servos and sensors, cardboard (~A4 Size)
 *Arduino starter kits can be sent.

 - Tools: scissors, hot glue gun or similar, ruler, adhesive tape

The course is held Online with the software Zoom. (



Seminar for students of digital art.

Number of participants is limited.

Zoom invitations will be sent by e-mail to the participants.


Key Words

Robotik, Programmierung, Arduino, Elektronik, Robotics


01 April 2020, 11:00–12:15 Online via Zoom (preliminary discussion)
22 April 2020, 10:30–12:15 Online via Zoom
25 April 2020, 11:00–15:15 Online via Zoom
27 April 2020, 13:00–15:30 Online via Zoom
02 May 2020, 11:00–15:15 Online via Zoom
05 May 2020, 14:30–17:00 Online via Zoom
09 May 2020, 11:00–15:15 Online via Zoom
11 May 2020, 10:00–12:20 Online via Zoom

Course Enrolment

From 23 February 2020, 16:00 to 01 April 2020, 10:30
via email:

co-registration: possible

TransArts - Transdisciplinary Arts (Bachelor): Artistic and art technology foundations

Media Arts: Specialisation in Digital Arts (2. Section): Interface Design I - II

Individual courses: possible