Adaptive Strategies

Galo Patricio Moncayo Asan
Architecture, Energy Design
2019W, scientific seminar (SEW), 4.0 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S03236


This Semester we will be working on a currently open call of an ongoing student competion. The course can be combined with next semester´s Energy Design Strategies . Both courses will be  held subsequently  and they will culminate with the dealine of the competition, Tuesday, 31 March 2020 by 4pm.  In addition to the competion brief we will be applying the experties from de Energy design department to come up with proposals that include adaptive strategies for the upcoming enviromental changes. 


Light up! Vertical extensions with wood

Open student competition 2020

For the third time, proHolz tenders an interdisciplinary, internationally open student competition on building with wood. The 2020 tender will be based on 3 selected residential buildings built in the 1960s in Vienna to determine the densification potential of building with wood. Organiser of the Student Trophy 2020 is proHolz Austria. Cooperation partners are: the City of Vienna, represented by the Executive Office for Urban Planning, Development and Construction and Wiener Wohnen.

1. Task

The aim of proHolz Student Trophy 2020 is to explore the potential for the densification in the city using wood as a building material. Specifically, the competition is focused on two-storey vertical extensions of 3 existing residential buildings from the 1960s in Vienna. Many cities in Europe have to face the challenges of increasing numbers of inhabitants and a lack of developable space. However, they have many residential buildings from the 1960s and 1970s which have a lot of raising potential, and therefore could contribute to solving this housing shortage problem.

The following points in particular need to be taken into account when fulfilling the task:

     -Prerequisite is a system solution in wood or timber hybrid, which can also be used for other residential buildings of the same type from the same period

     -Optimum use of living space, flexible possibilities for usage, compact and carefully considered floor plans, living typology, affordable apartments (30 – 80 m2 )

     -Creating added value for the existing inhabitants by building a storage room for bicycles and prams, as well as additional common areas and rooms of at least 100 m², additional loggias/balconies, elevator access aisles, flights of stairs, etc. 

     -Emergency exit scenarios, barrier-free accessibility needs to be taken into account

     -Climate mitigation by e.g. greening of the facades and roof surfaces

      -For an improvement of the existing situation as well as for the development solution, individual apartments or parts of apartments may be “sacrificed” and/or minor selective or planar additions to the existing building may be carried out. The main focus of extending the volume lies on adding another two storeys.

Examination Modalities

6. Documents to be submitted

_ Author submission form (see the .pdf Author submission form) with additional descriptions of the design (DIN A4 portrait format) and the following details: 

     -Basic concept of solution to the task (regarding vertical extension, development and housing typology)     

     -Creative aspects of the entire complex 

     -Elaborate description of project

     -Technical report

     -Sustainable aspects

     -Copyright notice (intellectual property)

_ 2 project posters

The project is to be outlined on 2 posters (cf. PDF template), size 70 x 100 cm (printed on one side). The poster template is to be used for the layout. The posters are to contain the following information to ensure clear understanding of the project:

     -Site plan - top view (1:500)

     -Floor plans (1:250), sections (1:250), elevations (1:250) including descriptions if necessary to understand the project better

     -Representative floor plan of a residential unit in appropriate scale (1:100 or 1:50) 

     -Representative façade section with a description of the construction, material (1:50)

     -Representative details in appropriate scale (1:5 and 1:10)

      -Concept of structure plan in appropriate scale and descriptions if necessary to understand the project better

      -At least two visualisations of the project or photos of the model as well as additional representative perspective views (for one visualisation must be used the provided photo of the existing building as the basic; the design and the perspective of any other visualisations can be chosen freely)

     -Diagrams, description of the concept, short descriptions if necessary to understand the project better 


All documents are to be additionally submitted in digital format. For the planned publishing, descriptive and high-quality visualisations (single photo files in .tif or .jpg with at least 300 dpi resolution with copyright notice), digitalised plans (.pdf) and the author submission form with an elaborate description of the submitted project.


Prize money

The proHolz Student Trophy 2020 is endowed with 5,750 euros (gross) in total. First place will receive 2,000 euros, second place 1,500 euros and third place 750 euros; 2 awards of 750 euros each can be awarded as a special prize. In justified cases, the respective sums can be distributed at the jury’s discretion but requires a unanimous decision.


Key Words

adaptive, strategies, energy, design, interactive


07 October 2019, 10:00–11:00 Seminar Room 9
15 October 2019, 11:30–13:30 Festsaal, TU Wien (entrance Karlsplatz) Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna, 1 st floor (preliminary discussion)
21 October 2019, 11:45–13:30 Seminar Room 9
04 November 2019, 11:45–13:30 Seminar Room 9
18 November 2019, 11:45–13:30 Seminar Room 9
02 December 2019, 11:45–13:30 Seminar Room 9
16 December 2019, 11:45–13:30 Seminar Room 9
13 January 2020, 11:45–13:30 Seminar Room 9
27 January 2020, 11:45–13:30 Seminar Room 9

Course Enrolment

From 30 September 2019, 10:23 to 15 October 2019, 01:00
Via online registration

co-registration: possible

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