Perspective Research - From the idea to the research proposal

Alexander Damianisch
Center Research Focus, Center Research Focus
2019W, scientific seminar (SEW), 2.0 ECTS, 1.0 semester hours, course number S03231


How do I present my project idea in such a way that I do not just convince myself? The focus is on the development of proposals for and within the art and research (funding) landscape of Austria. Artistic research will be given special consideration. The participants will examine and develop own ideas in the direction of an application over the period of the course, with a presentation of concepts as a first step. The course is open to colleagues enrolled in a PhD Programme and of course colleagues with relevant interest and experience in work of art and research.

Prior to the first meeting, please prepare an impulse for a research project proposal, and share it with me, a one page abstracts (please consider the following points: research question, methodology, time plan, …).

Examination Modalities

a) Preparation for, participation in and integration of the parts of the course

b) a concept for a research proposal will be the final outcome of the course, this needs to be provided

c) an evaluation/review of a proposal needs to be provided


The course will evolve together with your ideas in five steps, and happen on three focused days.


Monday 25. November 2019, 11:00–16:30 Zentrum Fokus Forschung 

Step I


At the first meeting you are kindly invited to present your ideas. We will discuss these together. The general context and landscape of Art and Research funding will be described; this will also include the international and the situation in Europe and Austria.

Step II


At the second step the work of funding bodies will be described more closely; a model of a funding programme identified. We will work on the idea of templates, structuring and distribution of resources. The current stage of the concepts will be discussed.


Monday 16. Dezember 2019, 11:00–16:30 Zentrum Fokus Forschung 

Step III


In the third step we will read a proposal, and work on the topic of reviewing. How is it possible to review a vision on the basis of a concept? This session will also address problems that came up meanwhile in the individual work on proposal concepts. The current stage of the concepts will be discussed.

Step IV


In the fourth session the current state of the proposals will be presented. We will identify cross-review opportunities of the proposals in the group, to find criticial friends (cf). The proposal will be provided to the cf incl. the task for them to review the proposal till the next unit and to provide the review statement latest a day before the next meeting.


Friday 24. Jänner 2020, 10:00–15:00 Zentrum Fokus Forschung 

Step V


The review of the proposal will be presented. We might discuss a focus result. And talk about the further use of the developed material.

Key Words

Forschung, Künstlerische Forschung, Artistic Research, Funding, Förderung, Methoden, Evaluierung, Grundlagenforschung, Transformation, Understanding, Kunst und Forschung, Arts-based Research, PEEK, Entwicklung, FWF, Internationalisierung, Praxis, slide, presentation, organisation, co(-)operation partner


25 November 2019, 11:00–16:30 Zentrum Fokus Forschung Studio
16 December 2019, 11:00–16:30 Zentrum Fokus Forschung Studio
24 January 2020, 10:00–15:00 Zentrum Fokus Forschung Studio

Course Enrolment

From 07 October 2019, 09:00 to 25 October 2019, 12:00
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co-registration: possible

Individual courses: possible