Hard on the heels of...

Ludwig Kittinger
Fine Arts and Media Art, Sculpture and Space
2019W, Übungen (UE), 1.5 ECTS, 2.0 semester hours, course number S02758


The course, which is mainly aimed at students of the department sculpture and space, is looking into examples of methodologies of exhibition making. Together with London based curator Francesca Gavin, the course will focus on the alleged simple materials or objects and how they can be the impetus for a body of work and thinking.

As an example Francesca will introduce her latest exhibtion in progress Mushrooms: The Art, design and future of Fungi as an example for the process of taking an object of material from inception to a finished object.


Examination Modalities

Examination of the thematic environment and submission of a short written report or other form of work as agreed on, are prerequisites for successful participation.

Course Enrolment

via email: lu.kittinger@gmail.com

co-registration: possible

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