Contextual Designing

Carlos Toledo
Arts and Society, Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
2019S, Artistic Practice and Theoretical Reflecion (KPR), 2.0 semester hours, course number S02633


Course Description: In this course we will reflect on why and how corporate identity since the 1990s became a more and more integral part of institutions, including public institutions such as universities. Diversity enriches our lives but at the same time more possibilities imply more competition. Can we escape this neo-liberal pressure? Our aim is to elaborate visual strategies that resist the imposition of “selling”. Can design be an instrument of liberation? In addition, the course offers tools and methods for the presentation of ideas from other courses, applying graphic design from typography to design in public space.

Examination Modalities

The course is practical. Presence and participation are required for its successful completion. There are no tests.



Naomi Klein: No Logo – 10th Anniversary Edition, London 2010 (Fourth Estate)

Ed. by Angelika Nollert / Pinakothek der Moderne: Friedrich von Borries: Politics of Design. Design of Politics., Munich 2018 (Walther König)

Key Words

Activism, Critical Studies, Decoloniality, Contextual, design


04 March 2019, 10:15–12:45
11 March 2019, 13:45–16:15
13 May 2019, 13:45–16:15
17 May 2019, 09:15–11:45
20 May 2019, 13:45–16:15
24 May 2019, 09:15–11:45
27 May 2019, 13:45–16:15
31 May 2019, 09:15–11:45
14 June 2019, 09:15–11:45
21 June 2019, 09:15–11:45

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