Foreign Affairs I

Bärbel Müller
Architecture, [applied] Foreign Affairs
2019S, Seminar (SE), 2.0 semester hours, course number S02405


[a]FA Conakry : Play Urban

[applied] Foreign Affairs will collaborate with a team of scenographers and artists as part of the performance festival Univers des Mots in Conakry, Guinea, between May and November 2019. The joint lab is a transdisciplinary, transcultural project by [a]FA (Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna), Play>Urban (Jean Christophe Lanquetin, François Duconseille; Scenography, Haute école des arts du Rhin, Strasbourg), and Bilia Bah and Hakim Bah (Artistic Directors, Univers des Mots, Conakry).

The collaboration will conceptualize and realize stagings in the neighborhood of La Minière in Conakry. Urban space(s) will be identified and transformed as places for performance, theatre and gathering for a festival dedicated to artistic creations, with a program comprising of about ten theater productions.

The notion and practice of urban acupuncture will guide spatial, scenographic, artistic, and performative interventions. Urban points and fields will be identified which have the potential to mingle the rhythms and dynamics of daily life with the world of theatre. A transdisciplinary, transcultural team of students will articulate scenarios for intervention which bridge between the city and the festival, exploring and negotiating the specific urban context, but also the given material for the theater productions.

Baerbel Mueller, with Frida Robles and Juergen Strohmayer


Lab Dates:

April 05 Friday / 10:00am-02:00pm /  [a]FA application interviews

May 24 Friday / 10:00am-2:00pm / lab introduction with Baerbel Mueller and Frida Robles

May 26 Sunday / 11:00am - 5:00pm / lab with guest Jean Christophe Lanquetin (Play>Urban)

June 21 Friday / 10:00am-2:00pm / lab with Baerbel Mueller and Frida Robles

June 30 Sunday / 11:00am - 5:00pm / lab with Juergen Strohmayer

July 01 Monday / 11:00am - 5:00pm / lab individual applied research

September 15 - October 01 / field lab in Conakry, Guinea

[October 23 - November 22 / festival preparation and festival in Conakry]

Course Enrolment

From 13 March 2019, 09:00 to 05 April 2019, 09:00
via email:

co-registration: possible (4.0 ECTS)

Architecture (Master): Supplementary Subjects (4.0 ECTS)

Individual courses: possible (4.0 ECTS)