Die Werkstatt als Material- und Ideenlabor II

Peter Fritzenwallner
Fine Arts and Media Art, Transmedia Art
2019S, Seminar (SE), 2.0 semester hours, course number S02311


This lecture's aim is to collectively test and play around with various techniques and materials. This always happens linked with a focus onto the process of developing artistic ideas towards the exhibition, as an ideal playground to test symbolic intersections of different ideas, materials and forms.

The lecture is open to all students, no matter which class you're attending at the University for Applied Arts and no matter if you have visited part 1 in the Winter-Semester 2018/2019.

In the Wintersemester we focused on the technique of casting Aluminium. We built our own DIY - oven and were building our own moulds to cast small Aluminium-sculptures. This semester we will try to bend wood, we will work together using materials like steel and wood, we will try out also some techniques like DIY Silkscreen-Printing. Finally, we want to show our results in an exhibition in June 2019.

Examination Modalities

at least 75% presence and active participation during the lecture.


If you are interested in participating, write an email with your Matrikelnummer to my mailadress:


Key Words

Materialien, Skulptur, Aktion, Assemblage, Performance, installation, floor piece, context art, interventionist art, painting, conceptual, actionist art

Course Enrolment

From 26 February 2019, 09:24 to 05 April 2019, 09:24
via email: peter.fritzenwallner@gmail.com

TransArts - Transdisciplinary Arts (Bachelor): Artistic and art technology foundations (4.0 ECTS)

co-registration: possible (4.0 ECTS)

Individual courses: possible (4.0 ECTS)