Nähtechnik - Basic 1

Andrea Unfried
Design, Fashion
2018W, Übungen (UE), 2.0 semester hours, course number S02582



Technical details and sewing techniques

Handling different types of sewing machines

Technical terms for communication between designer and operator


Basic knowledge of sewing techniques

High quality standards

Use of different types of sewing machines

This lecture is also basis for Nähtechnik - Advanced

Examination Modalities

Personal presence is required

Exercises and homework have to be delivered to the certain dates

Prepare a portfolio with technical details and notes

Take part in the technical exam


Place: Sewing Atelier Modeklasse

During corrections are no lectures. Dates for corrections are announced latest one week before them.


Subscribe ONLINE

Maximum 12 students, Modeklasse students are first!

Excuse via e-Mail is required if you cannot take part


Bring along

cutters’s shears (21 - 25 cm blade), hand shears, steel pins, needles , pin cushion, thimble, threads, unstitcher, tracing paper, tracing wheel, tailor’s chalk, tape measure, large set-square/ triangle (30 cm), french curve,

pencils, ballpen, eraser, 1 folder, 1 A4-envelope for pattern pieces, adhesive tape (Scotch), glue stick, paper scissors, stickers, evtl. workwear

Mark your items properly!

First day a fee of € 30,- will be charged for work equipment (fabric, threads, machine needles,...)

Key Words

fashion, fashion design


08 October 2018, 09:15–12:30
17 October 2018, 14:30–17:00, "Attention! Wednesday!"
29 October 2018, 09:15–12:30
05 November 2018, 09:15–12:30
12 November 2018, 09:15–12:30
19 November 2018, 09:15–12:30
26 November 2018, 09:15–12:30
03 December 2018, 09:15–12:30
17 December 2018, 09:15–12:30
07 January 2019, 09:15–12:30
14 January 2019, 09:15–12:30
21 January 2019, 09:15–12:30

Course Enrolment

Via online registration

co-registration: possible (1.5 ECTS)

TransArts - Transdisciplinary Arts (Bachelor): Artistic and art technology foundations (1.5 ECTS)

Design: Specialisation in Fashion Design (1. Section): Sewing Technique - Basic (1.5 ECTS)

Individual courses: possible (1.5 ECTS)