Artistic Strategies

Gerald Nestler
Arts and Society, Cross-Disciplinary Strategies
2018W, Artistic Practice and Theoretical Reflecion (KPR), 2.0 semester hours, course number S02527


The course offers approaches to artistic strategies and practices from a postdisciplinary perspective. The term postdisciplinary states that art is not a discipline as such, but to the advantage of difference and multiplicity a certain totality that opens to other forms of research and practice; hence, art is often the site where new forms of thinking and making find their initial experimental environment; and a forum of cross-disciplinary debate for artistic, theoretical, social and political engagement.

The course offers examples of such practices and allows students to explore research and practical engagement in a project, indivdually or in small teams.

Examination Modalities

Grades will be based on active class contribution, the performance on the assignment and the project.

Participation: 40%

Assignment: 20%
Students will be asked to write a short project paper and present it in class.

Project: 40%
(projects realised by teams have to state individual work tasks - the written assignment may be used to elaborate on that)


The course offers a setting based on discussion, participation and collaboration. Invited guests offer different insights into the overall topic. After the introduction and the guest lectures, project topics will be discussed and the projects developed.

Program Dec 13, 4.15-8.30pm:

1) "The Future of Demonstration" - an art series with 8 episodes that constitute different artistic strategies with a postdisciplinary approach (4.15-6.45) > please prepare by closely checking the website

2) Excursion to the symposium "Applied Microperformativity" (7-8.30)

Info on guest lecturers / program Oct 18:
Victoria Ivanova:
Natalia Zuluaga is a curator and researcher based in Miami, USA. Most recently she was the Artistic Director of Art/Center South Florida, where she developed a range of curatorial initiatives that amplified connections between contemporary art and other fields.
Domingo Castillo is an artist based in Miami, USA, who co-founded the end / SPRING BREAK, a nomadic artist-run project space and the gallery Noguchi Breton (F.K.A. Guccivuitton and Versace Versace Versace).

Key Words

art, postdisciplinary practice, cross disciplinary research


18 October 2018, 10:15–14:30 Cross-Disciplinary Strategies - Lecture Room , "guest lectures by Victoria Ivanova and Natalia Zuluaga/Domingo Castillo"
13 December 2018, 16:15–20:30 Cross-Disciplinary Strategies - Seminar Room 1
18 December 2018, 13:45–18:00 Cross-Disciplinary Strategies - Lecture Room , "make up class for December 5"
07 January 2019, 13:45–18:00 Cross-Disciplinary Strategies - Lecture Room
08 January 2019, 13:45–18:00 Cross-Disciplinary Strategies - Lecture Room
15 January 2019, 09:15–13:30 Cross-Disciplinary Strategies - Lecture Room
11 February 2019, 18:00–19:00, "submission date for practice-based project - students may submit before this date, especially those who need their certificate/grade at an earlier date." (examination)
25 March 2019, 18:00–18:00, "2nd and final submission date for the practice-based project (and assignments for those who haven't yet submitted it)" (examination)

Course Enrolment

From 27 September 2018, 15:54
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