Methods and Practices of Experimental Cultures

Bernd Kräftner
Fine Arts and Media Art, Art & Science
2018W, Vorlesungen (VO), 2.0 semester hours, course number S00231


An "issue", as you know, is a question, a controversial topic, a matter of concern. This topic may capture the interest of various actors and therefore may become the starting point of a more or less substantial political change. In the seminar we shall explore scientific, artistic, cultural and media enactments of various issues and connect them to our own everyday life experience. This "everydayness" as interface where knowledge and belief are coupled is of major interest: which criteria do we follow when we act (or when we not act) in the face of a uncertain future? Can we find, trace, represent those criteria? What kind of criteria do support our decisions: are they scientific in nature, or social or economic, spiritual, or aesthetic etc.? In regard to our issues we shall capture some data of our everyday lives and ask what does it mean to participate in collective experiments and how artists-researchers cope with the "scientification" of our society. How to creatively relate one owns work with ongoing research activities? How to contribute versions and transformations of (scientific) realities, i.e. versions of matters of concern, that help to enrich the operating systems of our societies with options nobody thought of.

Examination Modalities

80% attendance; active collaboration in form of research and presentations, reading the liturature and preparation of introductory notes, project work: exploring and re/presenting projects in small groups;


limited number of participants
scheduled meetings on appointment


02 October 2018, 14:00–14:30 Seminar Room Art & Science (preliminary discussion)

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Art & Science (Master): Methods and Practices of Experimental Cultures - VO (2.0 ECTS)

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