Foreign Affairs I

Bärbel Müller
Institut für Architektur, [applied] Foreign Affairs
2018S, Seminar (SE), 2.0 SemStd., LV-Nr. S10242


[a]FA Guabuliga Market _ Ghana

From 2018 onward, [a]FA will research, design and implement a market (place) project/proposal for Guabuliga, in collaboration with and commissioned by Chief Salifu Mahama Tamburie, the Austrian‐Ghanaian NGO Braveaurora, and the people of Guabuliga.

We will look at a variety of grown/vernacular and planned markets and market designs in diverse cultural contexts (research in Vienna). We will analyze the given regional context (northern Ghana) in regards to its spatial, environmental, economic, and dynamic/ migratory characteristics. We will investigate the given spatial, environmental, infrastructural and programmatic situation on an urban scale (Guabuliga). We will investigate market typologies on architectural scale. We will analyze the use of (market) space at the scale of the human body. We will map market space and market life and its time/space dynamics. We will try to understand the socio‐cultural parameters which generate market life as it is in Guabuliga and neighbouring communities. We will identify existing and potential building materials.

We will come up with a concept and pre‐design for the Guabuliga Market in the course of our field trip in February 2018, starting from the scale of 1:1000, to the scale of 1:1. We will work out the design back in Vienna, including construction drawings, in collaboration
with other departments in the IoA, such as Building Construction and Structural Design.

By end of May 2018, we will produce a representational portfolio, which we will hand over to the NGO Braveaurora, to raise additional funds for the realization of the design
project. A project review will take place at Angewandte Vienna on June 16, with representatives of Guabuliga and board members of the NGO Braveaurora present

As soon as there are sufficient funds to start the construction of the Guabuliga Market project, we will get involved again. Depending on the complexity and innovativeness of design proposal, we will either implement and build ourselves, or hand over plans to a local


Ghana, Market design, Architecture, Rural Planning, Mapping


Bis 01. November 2017, 16:00
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