Top Ten: The Library of Site-Specificity

Claudia Slanar
Institut für Bildende und Mediale Kunst, Ortsbezogene Kunst
2017S, Vorlesungen (VO), 2.0 SemStd., LV-Nr. S01801


The aim of this class is twofold as the library of site-specificity does not only contain books about the topic, but at the same time is a reflection of its own concept. Designed for a special purpose and a specific location, will it be destroyed when removed (paraphrasing Richard Serra’s statement about the removal of his site-specific sculpture "Tilted Arc" in 1981)? Isn’t a library, "this universe" (Jorge Luis Borges), always site-specific?

How can an actual library and its books become tools for investigation, for a research practice that deals with keywords, correct citation indices AND the materiality of objects that, centuries ago, were named books.

With precision we will stroll through books and texts, filter, cut, copy, paste, collage, add. A library is a performance, universalism is a universe’s pitfall.

The first humble shelf will contain books and texts by Marc Augé, Michel Foucault, Robert Irwin, Rosalind Krauss, Miwon Kwon, Lucy Lippard, Brian O’Doherty, Pierre Nora, Barbara Rose, Laura Wollen (Womanhouse), and Jeffrey Kastner and Brian Wallis

Course dates:

Wed, 10am-1pm, SR Paulusplatz 5, 2nd floor:

15.3. (intro, schedule, first assigments)

5.4., 19.4., 3.5., 17.5., 31.5., 14.6., 21.6.


Requirements for a successful completion:

- preparation of texts and exercises

- attendance and active participation in class

- one in-class presentation of a text/book


Kick-off meeting for all classes at the Department of Site-Specific Art:

THU, March 9, 10 am, Expositur Paulusplatz 5, 2nd floor

Enrollment: On THU, March 9 in person or online

Depending on the participants the class will be taught in English or German.


site-specificity, Rauminstallation, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Text, Konzeptuelle Kunst


Bis 15. März 2017, 11:00
Per E-Mail:

Bildende Kunst (2. Studienabschnitt): frei wählbar aus technischer Kontext künstlerischer Praxis (2.0 ECTS)

Mitbelegung: möglich (2.0 ECTS)

Besuch einzelner Lehrveranstaltungen: möglich (2.0 ECTS)