Digitales Entwerfen und Digitale Produktion / Editing 4

Daniela Kröhnert
Institut für Architektur, Digitale Methoden
2016W, Seminar (SE), 2.0 SemStd., LV-Nr. S01115


Based on an intensive research about space, shape, structure and pattern students have to reinterpret various architectural typologies by means of digital and physical fabrication methods. The corner points of their analysis are used as border parameters for the ongoing design process. The aim is to develop new concepts for an intuitive digital design process.


The semester is divided into 4 reviews. Students need to pass each review to enter the next design step. In the end physical model(s) as well as digital files and a documentation have to be handed in.

The exact timetable is announced during our first meeting and on


The "Digitales Entwerfen und Digitale Produktion / Editing 4" seminar will start on Thursday October 13th, 10.00 a.m. @ DDPLab, Vordere Zollamtstraße 3, 2nd Floor.
The course will take place bi-weekly, further details will be discussed during the first meeting. Please check the task online, prior to the first meeting, on !


13. Oktober 2016, 10:00–11:00 DDPLab (Vorbesprechung)
27. Oktober 2016, 10:00–13:00
10. November 2016, 10:00–13:00
24. November 2016, 10:00–13:00
19. Jänner 2017, 10:00–13:00
02. Februar 2017, 10:00–13:00


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Architektur (Master): Digitales Entwerfen und digitale Produktion (3.0 ECTS)

Mitbelegung: möglich (3.0 ECTS)

Besuch einzelner Lehrveranstaltungen: möglich (3.0 ECTS)