Darstellende Geometrie für KunstpädagogInnen

Boris Odehnal
Art and Technology, Geometry
2016W, Übungen (UE), 2.0 semester hours, course number S00329



Fundamentals of descriptive and constructive geometry. Parallelprojections, orthogonal projections, and central projections. Creating models.


Students shall have the ability to create geometrically correct and proper drawings and constructions.

Futhermore, self-made models shall enhance the spatial ability and enable ongoing teachers to create illustrative models in a cheap and effictive way on their own.


Examination Modalities

Frequently and regularly there will be exercises given to the students who have to solve them independently. Exercises are judged with points and a total of 60 per cent is to be reached in order to pass.



During exercises students are obliged to be present.

Especially in descriptive geometry it is recommended toattend all classes since self-study is not only time consuming; it is very hard.


Course Enrolment

Until 03 October 2016, 10:30

co-registration: possible (1.5 ECTS)

Art Education: subject dae (Bachelor): FOR: Technologien / Praxen (dae) (1.5 ECTS)

Stage Design (1. Section): Geometrie (1.5 ECTS)

Stage Design (2. Section): Geometrie (1.5 ECTS)

subject Handicrafts / Design, Architecture and Environment (1. Section): Darstellende Geometrie, UE (2.0 ECTS)

Individual courses: possible (1.5 ECTS)