Baukonstruktion Integration/Angewandter Hochbau

Anja Jonkhans
Institut für Architektur, Baukonstruktion
2016W, Seminar (SE), 2.0 SemStd., LV-Nr. S00279


Organizational frame:

According to the Curriculum of the Architecture master programme, 9 ECTS from the subject groups “Realisation”, “Theory”, and “Management, Practice and Communication” must be completed as integrated courses in connection with Architectural Design (Architectural Design 5). Students will work on the contents of the various subjects based on their own designs (§ 5 par. 7).
Building Construction Integration is offered as one of these integrated courses. The seminar can also be attended in connection with Architectural Design 1 - 4 or (as „Angewandter Hochbau“) under the old Diploma programme.

Based on the topic of the studio design project the construction design shall be developed concurrently with the spatial design in an integrative process. In this way students will test the interplay of architectonic parameters - such as the influence of constructive decisions on the overall conception (and vice versa) and the contribution of tectonics and detailing to the formal expression of architecture.
Depending on the brief of the studio design project and the individual interests of the students for each of them a specific topic will be defined which has to be investigated systematically.
The project will consist of
1) a research part (e.g. analysis of reference examples in terms of comparable requirements and structural design solutions) including a documentation of the results.
2) Integration of the studied principles into the design; elaboration of a structural solution + architectural design scheme.


Review, submission of the project in digital form and on paper including documentation of the research work and presentation of constructural solution.


Kick-off: Tuesday, 4th of october, 9:30 am


04. Oktober 2016, 09:30–10:30 Seminarraum 10 (VZA3) , „Introduction of all building construction courses“ (Vorbesprechung)


Bis 11. Oktober 2016, 10:00
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Mitbelegung: möglich (3.0 ECTS)

Architektur (Master): Integration: Umsetzung (3.0 ECTS)

Besuch einzelner Lehrveranstaltungen: möglich (3.0 ECTS)