Art & Science Interdisciplinary Theory Seminar

Bernd Kräftner
Fine Arts and Media Art, Art & Science
2016W, Seminar (SE), 2.0 semester hours, course number S00230


Bade taste and good music.
The Seminar will take a closer look at the work of Antoine Hennion, a french sociologist who has been working e.g. on taste, music, drug users and advertising und who developed a sociology of attachment that attempts to describe ‘subject-networks’: „Instead of focusing on capacities inherent in a subject, this approach attends instead to the tactics and techniques which make possible the emergence of a subject as it enters a ‘dispositif’.“ (Hennion, 1999) This will allow the investigation of multiple „mediators“ that perform a central role within ANT, the so-called Actors-Network-Theory.

Examination Modalities

Exploring and representing projects in small groups; 80% attendance; active collaboration in form of research and presentations, reading the literature and preparation of introductory notes.


limited number of participants


04 October 2016, 13:00–14:00
20 January 2017, 13:00–22 January 2017, 18:00 TBA (preliminary discussion)

Course Enrolment

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co-registration: possible (6.0 ECTS)

Art & Science (Master): Methods and Practices of Transdisciplinary Research: Theory Seminar Art & Science I-II - SE (6.0 ECTS)

Individual courses: possible (6.0 ECTS)